What are the restrictions on tire sales in the UAE

As Car Tires Dubai, we never sell used or re-treaded tires.

We only sell original tires.

Here is a news article on the Gulfnews about the restriction on the tires within UAE.

Referring to there:
 New requirements
 1. All new tyres are to be approved by new UAE Standard 9001 certification in addition to the GSO certification.
 2. Each batch of tyres has to be tested and certified by an internationally accredited laboratory before importing.
 3. New tyres have to be compatible with with regional weather conditions to sustain temperatures in excess of 50 degrees Celsius.
 5. Tyres will expire five years after the date of manufacture.
 6. Date of manufacture, maximum speed, maximum temperature, size, quality rating need to be mentioned on the tyre.
 1. All warehouses and stores housing tyres need to be air conditioned.
 2. Temperatures in tyre storage areas should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.
 3. Tyres should be kept away from direct sunlight.
 4. Tyres are not allowed to be piled on one another.
 5. Special racks are to be set up display tyres in showrooms and stores.
 1. Tyres once used for a car should not be used for another.
 2. Used tyres are not allowed to be sold at all, except for export.
 3. Workshops should use approved tools to repair tyres.
 Re-treading and disposal:
 1. Import of re-treaded tyres is banned.
 2. Twenty-five companies are allowed to re-tread tyres.
 3. Only tyres with perfect main casings will be allowed to be re-treated.
 4. All used tyres should be sent for recycling to approved agencies.
 5. Local governments will make sure tyres are disposed of properly and assign expert agencies to recycle tyres locally.
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